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Product Code: 293296

About Scott Voltage eRide 920 2024
Imagine giving the world's best trail bike a secret weapon. With the Voltage eRIDE, that's just what Scott did. Designed for existing MTB enthusiasts who crave an agile, lightweight and capable trail bike with the addition of a compact and quiet motor, the all-new Voltage eRIDE overdelivers trail after trail... after trail.
Voltage eRIDE Carbon HMF Frame
Marzocchi Z2 Air 150mm Fork
FOX Float Custom, 150mm, TwinLoc
Shimano XT-Deore 12 Sp
SRAM DB8 4 Piston Disc Brakes
Maxxis Tyres


Integrated Suspension Technology: The Voltage applies SCOTT's patented Integrated Suspension Technology. Not only does this make for a fantastic looking bike, but it also allows us to improve the bike's suspension performance.

Easy Shock Access: With the Voltage, accessing SCOTT's patented integrated shock is easier than ever. Just push the button, pop off the cover, and access is yours. From here, adjusting rebound, air pressure, etc. is a mere button push away. When you're done, just pop the cover back on until you hear a click and off you go.

External Sag Indicator: Setting sag and checking travel use is easier than ever before with the Voltage. An external indicator on the link allows the end user to easily set sag and to identify how much travel they're using.

Float X Nude Suspension: The Voltage Tuned model features SCOTT's NUDE Suspension technology with the Float-X NUDE shock from FOX paired with a fork that favours more adjustability. When you pedal up to have the most fun on the way down, you want a shock that gives you full factory performance when things point downwards, but also a shock that won’t slow you down when you need to ride back up. This is where the Float-X NUDE shines.

TQ HPR50 Motor: TQ is a German company founded in 1994 who specialize in electric components across a range of industries. With the HPR50, they simply rewrote the rules, delivering an unprecedented weight/power ratio of 1.8 kg for 50Nm. With a diameter of 8 cm, TQ has innovated by using a harmonic gear system. This allows for a reduction of size, while also increasing the accuracy of the system. This results in a lighter bike, better integration, while reducing backlash for a more natural pedalling sensation. This technology also allows for the reduction in system noise for a truly natural experience. After all, you are in the outdoors to, well, enjoy the outdoors.


TQ HPR50 Battery: The Voltage features a 360Wh internal battery which can be further complemented by a 160Wh external range extender. Thanks to TQ's electronic expertise, the HPR50 battery, when combined with the range extender, guarantees maximum performance right through until empty. TQ use specific battery cells to ensure both the battery and range extender continue at full output, even as it reaches low capacity. The system can be charged with the range extender in place, the smart charger, prioritising the main battery's charge first, so you'll never be caught short when heading out to ride.


TQ HPR50 Range Extender: The Voltage features a 360Wh internal battery which can be further complemented by a 160Wh external range extender. Easily fixed to the front water bottle mount with our unique SCOTT designed quick release mount, the range extender features a slim design and low weight, meaning minimal impact on the bike's handling.

TQ HPR50 Display: To maintain a clean cockpit, the TQ system puts the focus on a minimalistic display located in the top tube paired to a discrete shifter on the handlebar. At a glance, the LED display provides all the essential info, such as the battery level %, remaining KM range and even Watts, thanks to an integrated power meter. Want more? Link up your phone and dive deep using the TQ E-Bike app, available through the Apple App or Google Play Store. With an automatic Bluetooth connection, you can track your ride and customize your modes. Want to use it with a bike computer? That's no problem. Utilizing the built in ANT+, the system easily connects with a bike computer such as a Garmin, Hammerhead or Wahoo unit.

TQ HPR50 App: The TQ app offers real benefit and is easy to use. It's easy to connect, customize and control your TQ-powered e-bike with the TQ E-Bike app. The bike comes with a suggested SCOTT motor tune, with the app you can further tune your drive unit to either save battery life or maximise the power output. You can alter the pedal response either for a faster motor uptake or to slow it down for a more natural feeling. Lastly, you can customize the display, altering the order and number of screens available, turn on and off control sounds, etc.


Clearance: The TQ motor allows SCOTT to keep a standard Q-factor with a 55mm chain line. This allows them to do a few interesting things. Firstly, they can guarantee great tyre clearance while not sacrificing stiffness, which is key when it comes to power transfer. Secondly, it gives you the exact same rider stance and pedal width as on a regular bike.

Dual Water Bottle: Unlike most full suspension E-Bikes, on the Voltage there is no need to choose between the range extender or a water bottle - between longer rides and staying hydrated. Thanks to the integrated shock there is space for both an external battery and water. An optional sliding mount system also allows an easy switch between the seat tube water bottle and the range extender, allowing both to be easily transported when out on longer rides.


Cable Management: It’s no secret that there is a lot going on inside the modern eMTB, with dropper cable, drive unit and battery cables, and a rear shock discreetly tucked away inside the frame. SCOTT have developed a dropper cable channelling device and a shock sleeve that ensure these components are well placed, easy to manage and kept safely away from any moving parts. These neat solutions also result in clean and unobstructed access to the rear shock settings when working on the bike.


Please note that bike specifications are subject to change without prior notice