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Scott Patron Eride 900 Tuned

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The new Scott Patron eRIDE - BOSS THE TRAILS
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The all-new Patron was designed as a system optimized for all day trail riding, supreme integration and meticulously selected geometry. From fast alpine trail to a technical narrow trail in the forest, the Patron eRIDE will give plenty of support and modularity. Close to an enduro bike with 160mm of travel front and rear, the Patron eRIDE keeps the pedaling efficiency of a cross-country bike thanks to the Twinloc system. In terms of suspension, it will give more support than a Genius eRIDE but a bit less than a Ransom eRIDE. The Patron eRIDE offers the biggest battery, the best integration and connectivity.

The patron comes with a completely new and revolutionary design. The rear suspension is fully integrated into the frame and gives 160mm of travel. More than just a design element, the shock integration gives space to the other elements such as the motor, the battery and a water bottle. Easy to access, the shock comes with Scott's Twinloc technology to lock the suspension directly from the handlebar for optimal pedaling efficiency.

The Bosch motor comes with 85nm and up to 340% assistance and totally new software that amplifies this natural feeling. The motor is one of the key elements on any eMTB, therefore Scott wanted to protect it from impacts. On the Patron eRIDE, the motor is vertically positioned and supported from underneath. The frame acts like a nest with the motor cradled on top for a natural support. As the motor is supported from underneath, its top part seats in the open air, therefore, like a chimney the air is free to go out. This ventilation steam is even reinforced when you ride thanks to the holds on the cover.

Trails are technical enough and it's always better to keep your hands on the handlebar. The Twinloc lever combines now the dropper post level for better ergonomics and a cleaner cockpit. The Twinloc for example will allow you to lock your suspension on the road during a transfer. How does this work? The Twinloc suspension system is a proprietary Scott suspension system that works by connecting the shock, fork, and ultimately the frame via a handlebar remote. Offering the user, the ability to choose form three ride modes, descend, traction control and lockout, effectively changing the bikes geometry, suspension damping and spring curve simultaneously.

Electric mountain bikes have crowed handlebars, between the brakes, dropper post, gears, drive unit cables, remote and suspension lockout, that's a lot of cables. The Syncros engineering team together with the Scott team worked on a clean solution to route cables directly in the handlebar for a clean finish. Inspired by Scott's racing department, the Patron comes with the carbon 1 piece stem/handlebar combo.

Front and rear fenders are delivered with the bike, both fenders are tailored for the Patron eRIDE for clean and perfect adjustment. For optimal safety, the rear fender comes with integrated LED lights that are directly powered by the motor battery. A cable is already routed, and a plug already mounted on the handlebar for a front light.

Connectivity, flexibility and visibility are the key words for the Kiox 300 and the LED remote. The Kiox is a 2' colored screen integrated in the stem. It displays all necessary info including speed, GPS, cadence and a Bluetooth connection to the eBike Flow app. Don't want to have a screen on your handlebar? You can take if off and control everything from the LED remote or your phone. The LED remote displays the current charge status and allows for an easy switch from one mode to the other.