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Scott Gambler 900 Tuned

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The Gambler tuned was designed for one thing and one thing only: pure, unadulterated speed. Scott made it to get you to take lines you'd never thought imaginable, to make you want to go to the bathroom before your race run - twice. Made so that when you drop out of the start gate, the only aspect holding you back will be, well, you. taking years of racing development and mixing it with our carbon expertise, this bike is Scott's answer to the needs of white-knuckle downhill racing. Take a look at our full range of full suspension mountain bikes here at My Ride

Carbon Expertise

- Scott's taken decades of carbon wizardry and put it all into the Gambler Tuned. The Gambler Tuned is light, strong, and has perfectly balanced stiffness throughout the frame. Weighing in at only 2600g (frame and hardware), Scott wanted to design a bike that was stiff in the areas it needed to be, while still giving enough lateral flex for when traction is priority number 1. The Gambler is also strong- clever layering and carbon reinforcement makes sure that when your ripping down the track you know the bike will back you up.


- Scott's downhill bikes have always been adjustable, and with the Gambler Tuned, this isn't any different. The bike is perfectly optimized for 29' or 27.5' wheels. You can also change chainstay length and the bike has an adjustable 4-way geometry chip so that both rider and bike can adapt to any track, weather conditions or shock-type (coil or air.)


- The Gambler comes in 4 sizes, S, M, L, and XL. Sizing and Geometry are on point, and have been chosen specifically for the job at hand. Well balanced, we wanted this ultralight bike to have geometry that is stable at speed, but that can also be super playful. Whether you're after ruthless world cup speeds or into hitting the big jumps, the Gambler has the right geometry for you.


- Integration was taken very seriously on the Gambler. A proprietary chain guide and bash guard allowed us to apply different design principles to the bike. They're lighter than the industry standard and open the door to making a more durable downhill bike, which is something everyone is after. Clever frame protection keeps your bike in good condition and helps to keep things quiet as you're rumbling' down track.