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Scott Addict Gravel 30 2022

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The goal from day one was to build the ultimate gravel and adventure bike. To have one bike that can do it all. Be fast on tarmac, have comfort on rough terrain and optimal handling when it gets gnarly. The Addict gravel is most likely the fastest, most capable, and most fun bicycle we have ever created, just leave the daily routine behind and see where the road uhm, gravel will take you!

The Gravel 30 is light, can handle rough terrain, fits chunky tyres, and has enough mounts to carry all the liquid and freeze-dried chicken curry you want. What's important, is what the bike allows for you to do. Now, perhaps more than ever, the Addict Gravel 30 is your ticket to adventure when you need it most. Find yourself, get lost.

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- a. To guarantee a controlled and smooth riding experience Scott increased tyre clearance to 45mm, lowered the seat stays and designed a carbon layering which guarantees both optimal pedalling efficiency and enough comfort for when it gets tough.


- a. The geometry has been optimized for modern, aggressive gravel riding. Our goal was to create a well-balanced geometry for controllable and predictable handling even in tricky situations on narrow trails. It comes with increased reach, longer fork rake, lower bottom bracket and shorter stem to make for amore agile and stable bike off-road, that still provides the optimal position for pedalling efficiency even with bigger tyres.


- The new Addict Gravel comes with smart mounts for gears and accessories that make the Gravel ready for serious adventure rides. You will find a mounting option for bolt on top tube bags and accessories. There are extra mounts on the down tube for an additional bottle cage or toolbox. It features two different bottle cage positions for better access when riding with a frame bag. It also has fender mounts!


- All models in the Scott Addict family are known for their extremely lightweight construction and the new Addict Gravel is no exception. Taking into consideration the type of riding this bike is designed for, Scott have created the strongest carbon road frame set Scott have ever built. Through clever layering and reinforcement in certain zones, Scott came up with a light but also extremely durable frame set.