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Park Tool Pro Cleaning Brush Set BCB-5


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Product Code: 422436

This professional-grade set includes five unique cleaning tools purpose-built for scrubbing away dirt and grime, with long ergonomic handles for leverage and comfort. The soaping brush, bottle brush and straight brush feature bristles made from tampico, a natural fiber derived from the agave plant. Tampico is extremely durable, resists chemicals, and holds moisture well, making it an ideal material for cleaning brushes.

Included brushes:

- Soaping Brush - Great for making an initial pass over the bike, dispersing soapy water and breaking up large accumulations of debris.
- Tapered Bottle Brush - A general purpose tampico brush for scrubbing areas both big and small.
- Straight Brush - A long-reach brush with short, tight tampico bristles for getting into small nooks and crannies such as suspension pivots, saddle rails, and other hard to reach areas.
- Drivetrain Brush - Long, stiff nylon bristles make this brush ideal for derailleurs, cassettes, and other areas with grease or dirt build up.
- Soaping Sponge - Useful for applying soap and water as well as cleaning delicate surfaces, with a convenient wedge shape.